Unfortunately, according to the guideline issued by the Board of Presidents of the Budapest Bar Association in the matter of appearance of Chamber members on the Internet, the web-site of a law firm may not include the names of our Clients, even with their previously issued written consent. These are bad news, especially for a law firm with law of commerce, company law, mergers and acquisitions as well as bank- and insurance law as primary fields of activity. We may not even visualize the opinions which our clients have formed on us. Neither can we display information on our fees via our web-site, nor can we advertise in this manner.

In case you are interested in the work we do, our detailed introductory documentation is available through orders placed at the e-mail address, and is sent to you. The activities we exercise as attorneys-at–law are confidential; therefore we have asked our Clients’ permission to display a reference-list containing their names and the types of cases we have successfully concluded together – however, these are only available on the occasion of personal meetings.

Thank you for your understanding.